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Comments from guests who stayed at Kasbah du Toubkal and Azzaden Trekking Lodge during the Christmas and New Year season 2018/2019

You can see our latest update on this tragic incident on Jbel Toubkal at www.kasbahdutoubkal.com/morocco

Comments I stayed at the Kasbah and hiked Imlil with my two daughters over winter break (both of my girls are college students in the USA, where we live). Got to tell you- we came very close to cancelling the trip after hearing the news what happened to the two hikers. I can't tell you how happy we all are that we didn't as it was an absolute trip highlight. While the area is breathtaking, what really made the trip for us were the people. Incredibly warm, friendly and seemed even more mortified by what happened in their area than we were. In any event, before I went on the trip, I did my homework in researching the situation, and would be happy to fill you in if you would like to contact me by email."

Scott, 10 January 2019

My husband and I, along with my two little girls and my Dad had a wonderful stay up in Imlil, overnighting in Dar Imlil, the sister hotel to the Kasbah. We also had a fabulous lunch at the Kasbah during our visit. This was my fourth visit to the wonderful village of Imlil and it did not disappoint one little bit. The people were just delightful – so welcoming and hospitable, and so rightly proud of the beautiful and culturally rich part of the world in which they live. Dar Imlil is charming – warm, welcoming, with lovely staff and beautiful views. The Kasbah is simply amazing – breath-taking views of the mountains, delicious food (make sure you go hungry!) and once again, lovely staff. I could have just sat there in the sun eating delicious food all day were it not for the fact that you have to go walking around here – perfect and stunning countryside in which to walk, with fabulous guides available. Without any shadow of a doubt, my favourite spot in Morocco."

Harriet, 8 January 2019

I travelled to Morocco in December with my husband. We heard about the horrific tragedy while in the desert. By that time we had already experienced the warm Berber hospitality and so were determined to carry on with our plans, which took us to the extraordinary Kasbah du Toubkal. Our experience there was unforgettable and at no time did we feel in the least bit threatened - in fact quite the opposite as the people of Imlil and the surrounding villages embraced us and welcomed us with gratitude for having come. Having grown up in Ireland during the time of The Troubles in Northern Ireland and working in the tourism industry myself , I fully appreciate the need to show solidarity with these wonderful people so proud of their culture and identity shared and explained by our charming young guide Adbi."

Peter & Breda, 6 January 2019

My wife, myself and three daughters spent 5 days at the Kasbah. I can not recommend the place highly enough. We spent 4 nights at the Kasbah and one night at the remote trekking lodge. The Kasbah is in a special location and we went on the most amazing walks A highlight was the great picnic lunches we had on our walk each day. Undoubtedly the best picnics we have ever had. The food at the Kasbah was also really really good. We loved our stay at the remote trekking lodge and the walk there was just stunning. The staff during our stay were amazingly kind and really went out of their way to make our holiday enjoyable. I have to say we were a little anxious to travel given the tragic incident that occurred in Imlil the week before. We were, however, very pleased we did and at no time did we feel unsafe. The staff at the Kasbah, our guides and all the local people we met on our walks were very friendly, kind and welcoming. I highly recommend a stay at the Kasbah if you love walking or even if you just want to relax on the terrace looking out on the mountains. The stay was made even more enjoyable due to the Kasbah's close involvement with the local community. Well done to you all!!!!!!"

Brad, 2 January 2019

You probably won't remember, but we met 5 or 6 years ago when I visited the Kasbah and the trekking lodge.

"On this visit, I was travelling with my Danish girlfriend - her son is at university in Norway with the two girls that were murdered, and was friends with one of them.

"So you can imagine that our trip has been quite emotional, but we have been met with nothing but kindness, sympathy and good wishes wherever we have travelled in Morocco.

"Yesterday we went for a short walk with a young guide - Muhammed - who lives with his family almost next door to the Kasbah. He is almost the same age as my girlfriend's son, and the two Scandinavian girls, and was obviously very upset by the awful attack and the way in which the terrorists have tried to spoil the purity of the mountains and the Berber people.

"He told us about the current policy of only allowing people to climb Toubkal with a guide, and we gave him and his fellow guides a small donation.

"Our stay at the Kasbah was wonderful - and we thanked Haj Maurice and all the staff as we left - particularly for the great New Year's eve celebrations with singing and dancing."

Jay, 2 January 2019

My family and I had a wonderful trip to Imlil. We came from Canada and despite the terrible tragedy we went hiking and stayed at the fabulous lodge. Our guide Abdul was fantastic. The accommodation and food incredible. We felt very safe. Please continue to visit. You will love it!"

Clare, 2 January 2019

We had such an incredible time at the Kasbah and felt very connected to the people and the place after just three days. The lodge itself and surrounding area are both so beautiful, but the warmth that we were shown by everyone we met was truly incredible. It was clear to us that the men who committed this horrible act were not from Imlil, and that what transpired hurt the local community greatly. We did not feel at all unsafe while we were there, but rather felt that we were sharing in some collective grief with the broader community in the valley, and even when we returned to Marrakech."

Megan, 2 January 2019

Our family group of eight, from the US and England, had a brief taste of the Kasbah, spending one night in the Garden House. The experience, although all too brief, was a highlight of our week in Morocco. We particularly appreciated the warmth of the Kasbah staff and indeed of the whole valley community. As we arrived we saw a moving demonstration in Imlil against violence and terrorism. The spirit of the community is inspiring and we are so glad we came."

John, 4 January 2019

My wife, myself and our daughter stayed for 1 night at the Kasbah and took the 2 day trek to and back back from the Azzaden trekking lodge. The location and layout of the Kasbah is amazing with great views of the Atlas Mountains. The staff at the Kasbah, our guide, cook, and the muleteer were all very nice people doing their best to keep you comfortable. Can’t suggest a better place if you want to trek in the valleys or ascend the Toubkal."

55vijayk, TripAdvisor, 4 January 2019