Kasbah du Toubkal

Pictures of the Kasbah

Marrakech, the High Atlas and Imlil

The High Atlas mountains, so important to Marrakech, can often be seen from the city and the views are magnificent. However, a whole new experience awaits those who venture into them. Treat yourself to a trip to the Atlas and visit the home of the Berbers, the original inhabitants of North Africa.

The tranquillity of Berber village life provides the perfect contrast to the hubbub of the city. Kasbah du Toubkal is situated in the Toubkal National Park and is beyond the main road system. From the village of Imlil, footpaths and mule tracks mount through lush, irrigated terraces, apple orchards and walnut groves to other villages where the way of life has changed little for centuries and traditional values and hospitality are unaffected by the outside world.

The Kasbah is perched on a great rock outcrop above the main village with panoramic views of the mountains, valleys and waterfalls. It is reached by a short walk (15 min) or mule ride from the village of Imlil.