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Covers of the twenty-second edition of the Kasbah du Toubkal magazine Issue 22

Our latest magazine is available in PDF and can be downloaded here. Below are a few snippets of what you can expect to find inside.
Kasbah du Toubkal Magazine
June 2020 – Issue Twenty-Two
Alice Morrison
News from Imlil
While most foreign nationals were trying to get out of Morocco as the skies closed, Alice Morrison, adventurer, desert crosser, Indiana Jones for Girls, was trying to get in!
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A letter from Latifa
My name is Latifa Aliza and I am head housemother for Education For All. I wanted to share with you what the girls' lives in the boarding houses are on a daily basis so that it can shed some light on what they are missing during the lockdown due to the pandemic …
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Latifa Aliza
Marrakech in lockdown
Marrakech in lockdown
Could you ever have imagined Marrakech like this? But imagine how wonderful it will feel to be back!
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Photo set 1 @delight_event_management @carolinedarcourt_photography @visitmarrakechregion

Photo set 1 @delight_event_management @simonsaliot @visitmarrakechregion
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The cover of the twenty-second edition of the Kasbah du Toubkal magazine
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